Real Oversight

Ken will actively lead county government, restore accountability and reform county priorities to put the people first. As Commission Chair, Ken will lead the Board to investigate, question budgets and use of tax dollars, demand audits to determine the relevance and effectiveness of county programs to achieving a desirable quality of life for Johnson County residents, and to require that first class customer service be the top priority for every county department.

Real Accountability & Transparency

Ken will ensure that there is full public access to all Board of Commissioner meetings – not just the Thursday board meeting, but work meetings as well. Work meetings are where the real debate and discussion of priorities takes place. Hiding the people’s business from the people must end.  Ken will restore transparency of county governance and operations. Further, Ken will roll back the unnecessary bureaucratic barriers preventing public access to county government information. Finally, public input will be prioritized and coveted as a resource for decision making, rather than treated as an inconvenience or ignored as “show.” County governance should always prioritize residents. Period.

Real Effective Services & Efficient Use of Tax Dollars

Ken’s successful business background and broad financial knowledge will allow him to employ private sector commonsense in delivering services and ensuring our tax dollars are used wisely. Detailed budgeting will be employed to ensure that obsolete or ineffective programs are ended, and tax dollars directed to those departments and programs that actually deliver for Johnson County residents. As an efficiency expert, Ken will require every department to set measurable outcomes and be held to achieving those outcomes. Financial and efficiency audit data will then be used to determine future budgets. Ken’s plan ensures our money works harder, and our county government works smarter. Further, efficiency can only be achieved with integrity. Ken will make a detailed review of the County Appraiser’s office – a department that has been accused by Kansas courts of employing dubious practices that inflict an unfair burden on Johnson County taxpayers. Ken knows residents work hard for their money and they deserve a county government that works just as hard for them – and that means working with integrity to prioritize residents and our quality of life.